Getting Started Personal Finance Guide for Young Salaried Employees (eBook)

I have received many personal queries from young professionals on the topics tax planning and how to start the investments for tax planning. Here I come up with an eBook which will help the young salaried professionals to understand how to start planning for the tax investments and the basics ideas for the goals setting. This book is not for the advanced investors, it covers only the basic elements of the tax savings and investments. Download the eBook at the bottom of this article. Here I have posted some of excerpts from that eBook for your overview. If you are interested in receiving our future articles, please subscribe here, like our facebook page.

If you are newly joined in your company and started receiving income for the first time in your life, then this guide is must read for you. Start investing wisely in your early stage of career / life will be the best decision you would have taken for the life time. Investment is not only for those who are wealthy, it is for everyone including who earns only peanuts. In India, awareness on personal finance is very low compared to other countries.

Our ancestors have built savings habit in our blood which is one of the great advantage of India. It is time for the young generation to realize the importance of savings make the strong decisions towards healthy financial life. Investment needs more discipline for achieving its goals. This guide will be an eye opener for you to start the disciplined financial life which will enrich your family and your personal life. This guide is suitable for the beginners in the personal finance subject.



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